Our gelato is more than eye catching. Freshly made every morning at each of our gelaterie, it’s full of flavour.

Gelato isn’t just the Italian for ice cream. It’s a whole new taste experience and one for which Italy has become famous. What makes Gino’s gelato so unique is that the product is made fresh in each of our premises on a daily basis using only the best ingredients, including our own organic milk. This process guarantees a consistency that wins over the taste buds of all those who have experienced Gino’s.

  • 100% Natural Gelato base with no additives or preservatives
  • Coeliac-friendly – gluten-free flavours on the menu
  • Suitable for vegetarians – no gelatin is used in Gino’s gelato
  • Low in fat (5-6% fat) compared to 10% upwards in ice cream
  • Selection of flavours from chocolate mixes to traditional fruits

Our key ingredient is freshness. Having started our business by the fresh sea air, we found an unusual way to maintain the seaside tradition in our gelaterie across Ireland.

The organic milk we use in Ireland comes from happy cows who graze on a farm by the Atlantic Ocean.

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Great gelato is produced by master gelato makers. Our gelateria staff are trained to create gelato with an authentic Italian texture. They rise early every morning to make gelato fresh on the premises.