Dublin Then & Now

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, has become a City that never sleeps. This wasn’t always the case. It might be harder to believe for some of the younger generations but, once upon a time, Dublin, and Ireland, were a were different place. Cities evolve as time moves on and old buildings, roads and places disappear and change to make room for more modern ones. In recent years, Dublin has seen a lot of change. It has moved on from a quiet Capital City in Europe to being a must visit City for people all over the World.

Below we’ve photos of Dublin from past years, as far back as 1875 and their modern-day equivalent beside them. You’ll be amazed at some of the differences that you’ll see between each set of photos.

Grafton Street in 1890 & Today

Grafton Street 1890Grafton Street Today

Harcourt Street 1931 & Today

Harcourt Street 1931 Harcourt Street Today

Henry Street 1961 & Today

Henry Street 1916 Henry Street Today

Main Street Blackrock 1875 & Today

Main Street Blackrock 1875 Main Street Blackrock Today

Parkgate Street 1910 & Today

Parkgate Street 1910 Parkgate Street Today

Stephens Green 1875 & Today

Stephens Green 1875 Stephens Green Today

Can you imagine the difference living in Dublin then & now? Would you recognise some of the areas and streets if the modern photo wasn’t there? Do you have any photos of Dublin from years ago? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter.